Keep Yourself Fit With 100 pushups a Days Apps

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Keep Yourself Fit With 100 pushups a Days Apps
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Main 100 Push-ups in only 6 weeks – Getting an acceptable form is something that a smartphone can help, since there are different applications that are designed for and for that. Apart from the usual ones that control the exits to run or with the bicycle, others what they offer is to establish a training system with which to improve the physical capacity and, by extension, the appearance that you have. One of them is 100 Pushups.

This work, of simple handling and interface nothing complex, what favors is to obtain a routine at the time of doing push-ups and, of this form, that advances to obtain that physically a user feels better (and if it is accompanied with continuous race , the results are really positive and even surprising). The case is that what is produced is to create a routine activity that is always key to being in shape -as long as it is constant.

As we have mentioned, the exercise on which 100 Pushups are based are the push-ups. This type of exercise in the beginning is difficult to do, but once this moment is passed, creating a routine is something that does not cost much and the results are quite evident both in the physical endurance and in the improvement of the aspect that is achieved.

So much so, that in a period of six weeks, which is the minimum that is needed for the development to offer an effectiveness at a glance, indicates that progress is made significantly. By the way, the time of each session is only 10 minutes, so it’s worth trying.

As far as the use is concerned, there is no complication whatsoever and everything is very visual, since identification icons are used to go from one section to another, which makes everything very intuitive. Aesthetically 100 Pushups is attractive even when it comes to watch the clocks that set the time when you want to perform the specific exercise. By the way, the circles are very present, so you want to give a feeling of constancy always.

No ComplicationsPicture 100 Pushups

This is key in 100 Pushups, since thanks to it there is no reason for the use to be habitual and to use the development does not cost anything at all. In addition, once the relevant settings have been established, opening it is only necessary to enter some data of the sessions and check the analytics of the progress that is being made. Therefore, it is not a very demanding job in terms of the time of use it needs to be effective.

The fact is that once indicated what days of the week -three is ideal at the beginning- are those that will be used to do push-ups, the application by means of a message warns the user that the moment has arrived. When the session ends, you must indicate the number of repetitions that have been made and … voila! As the days go by, you can watch the progress on the summary screen and, if the record is correct, reaching 100 push-ups in 100 Pushups is only a matter of a couple of weeks.

If you want to start over with the training cycle, it is always possible to delete the one that is in progress, in a simple and efficient way. In addition, so that nothing is lost, it is possible to make a backup copy of the current data that is stored on the SD card and, then, can be imported (ideal if it produces a terminal change).

With regard to compatibility, we have run 100 pushups without problems in terminals such as a Motorola Moto E first generation, so the requirement is minimal (which is partly due to the absence of complex graphics since the management of information is not complicated at all). Very good in this section.

How to Get  100 Pushups

100 Pushups
  • Updated: February 4, 2017
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • File Size: 4 MB
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Category: Free Health & Fitness APP
  • App By: Heavyraid

If you want to get hold of this development, you can access Galaxy Apps or Play Store, since the application is available in both stores. As it occupies little space, this has been reduced by 40% in the last update, this development is worth taking it always installed and if you have an adequate record, the results are quite effective, although not completely replace those that are achieved by following routines typical of gyms.

So little discussion of the Keep Yourself Fit With 100 pushups a Days Apps hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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