Cloud Raiders an Action Game, Clouds and Strategy

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Cloud Raiders an Action Game, Clouds and Strategy
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Picture Cloud Raiders – If you like real-time strategy games, mobile devices are perfect for you since these types of titles are very numerous and, therefore, the available options are very diverse and attractive. One of the existing ones is Cloud Raiders, a development in which defeating pirates controlling what you build is essential.

This is a multiplatform game in which the objective is quite clear: get as much booty as possible to have elements and money to improve your buildings and, by extension, the army you have. In addition, there is the possibility of creating potions that potentiate in a timely manner the units that you use to defend yourself from an attack or those that are part of your looting horde.

All this, with acceptable graphics – without more – and a sound that fulfills. Therefore, it is not demanding and in models like the Moto G Cloud Raiders works without problems. The included tutorial is most useful, which is combined with the translation of the game.

This done begins with a game in campaign mode in which there are options of all kinds since they receive those arriving from pirate ships and, also, final enemies that are quite powerful and that allow to achieve high rewards in the form of chests. With the passage of time, advance level to face other players who are not part of your clan. That is, the multiplayer is present in Cloud Raiders.

A funny and different detail of this game is the possibility of manufacturing enhancers in the form of concoctions that make your troops and buildings much more powerful. Putting together different elements, you get different results that are essential in the toughest battles. This, at higher levels, can be what makes a confrontation win or lose.

Simple to play Cloud RaidersMain Cloud Raiders

The way to play is to use the touch screen of the terminal you have. Thus, placing troops or buildings is as simple as touching in the desired place. In addition, moving the map is as simple as performing the gesture of dragging.

As for progress, it is simple what has to be done: get raw materials, such as money or clouds, to be able to build what is basic where the defenses of the settlement in the form of traps or cannons must not be lacking since the pirate attacks do not They are precisely scarce.

There is a certain degree of use of tactics, since the deployment of the units that are held in reserve is done by placing them in a grid of the map, but when this is done, there is no more control since the rest of the actions are automatic (progress should be made) in this).

By the way, that the use of additional cannons that are only from the game in a confrontation is basic, since they must be used in our game against the final enemies that are hard or the titans, which are monsters that appear from time to time and that you have to consider them as a nightmare.

Regarding the management of the settlement in Cloud Raiders, this is not very advanced because you only have to generate buildings, especially those that give clouds and gold, to have access to the upper levels and the rest of constructions that allow from generate troops until the elements that are part of the concoctions.

Everything simple and without anything that is complex. Perhaps, the management of the reserve of units can get involved at first, but in two battles everything is very clear.

How to Get Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders
  • Updated: July 28, 2016
  • Current Version: 7.8.2
  • File Size: 45.7 MB
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Category: Free Strategy App
  • App By: Game Insight

It is possible to get Cloud Raiders in Galaxy Apps and Play Store without any cost (although in the first store you have gifts in the form of additional items from the first moment of the game). A striking option for this holiday that will delight lovers of real strategy titles and that, due to the powerups or the player versus player battles, is the most fun.

So little discussion of the Cloud Raiders an Action Game, Clouds and Strategy hopefully with this restriction can add insight and knowledge to all of us, thank you very much for visiting.

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